Delicate gold ring, model WR316


How to know what ring size is right for you?

According to this, you can tell your size. If you are not sure there is a simple method to check it out:

Take a ring that is good for you, place it on the table and with the help of a ruler or tape measure (meter) measure its inner diameter – right from side to side of the inner circle without the thickness of a ring.

See size chart –

If the diameter is 16 mm (ie one centimeter and six millimeters) – then your ring size is 16

If the diameter is 17 mm (ie one centimeter and seven millimeters) – then your ring size is 17

If the diameter is 18 mm (ie one centimeter and eight millimeters) – then your ring size is 18

If the diameter is 19 mm (ie one centimeter and nine millimeters) – then your ring size is 19

If the diameter is 20 mm (ie two centimeter ) – then your ring size is 20

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הוסף לרשימת משאלות
הוסף לרשימת משאלות


A delicate and special gold ring

Stunning design, suitable for everyone

Made of 14-carat white gold.

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צבע זהב




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