Since 2015, when our small family owned store was founded, we have specialized in jewelry in a variety of styles, original jewelry inlaid with luxurious and colorful gemstones, handmade jewelry made by renowned jewelers from Israel and around the world.

Most of our items are made from 14k gold, but you will also find a large selection of silver and gold plated jewelry (Gold Field).

Our store was founded in 2015, the store mainly sold silver jewelry, but gradually gained momentum in the field of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, vintage jewelry, etc., thus becoming a store rich in styles and unique.

The design of the store, like the items in it, is modern and unique.

You can always go to this site and find an original gift for your loved ones, women, men and even children.

You can always go to this site or other sites and see similar jewelry, but here you can find unique jewelry that is not on any other site since most of our products are exclusive.

As you know, women always love quality and also always love to receive jewelry as a gift. Take a look at our catalog and you will already see a rich and varied selection of gold and silver jewelry for every occasion and for every taste. Whether it’s a necklace for the evening or a birthday present, a gift for any occasion.

It is true that choosing a gift can be complicated and difficult, but on our site you will find a wide selection of jewelry and everyone can find what he likes.

Jewelry for girls / girls made of gold. In addition to the “heavier” items in the store, you will find many original items here. In our store you will find – necklaces with pendants for girls and women, rings of different sizes and designs, narrow and falling earrings, original bracelets

Of course, we haven’t forgotten jewelry for men. Our assortment also includes a wide range of men’s jewelry – rings, bracelets, chains of different sizes and weights, with a special style.

We are glad to see you in our store,

In addition, if you have not found a suitable product for you, you can contact us by phone, we will be happy to help and make any design to your taste.

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